Weston’s Green Dirt Farm plans to open a cafe in Kansas City

Cheese maker Weston Green Dirt Farm has plans to open a Crossroads Arts District cafe.

The location is slated to open in spring 2023 at 1601 Oak St., according to The Kansas City Star.

The location will feature a 65-person capacity cafe on the first floor. The event space will occupy the second level and include a rooftop deck.

They will also have space to produce cheese and start making sheep’s milk, a new product for Green Dirt Farm. The executive chef will Oscar ArevaloWho is now the head cheese maker for the company, according to Star.

The company produced its first commercial cheese in 2008. Choosing to create a sheep’s milk creamery is a personal preference with an entrepreneurial rationale, the owner. Sarah Hoffman said in a previous interview with Kansas City Business Journal.

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