Viral TikTok shows the unsanitary condition of the hotel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A TikTok showing mold conditions inside a South Carolina resort now has more than 6 million views and nearly 35,000 comments.

The poster, Kelly Bruce, is from Durham, North Carolina. She saved up to take her lifelong friend on a girls’ trip to the Sea of ​​Mist Resort in Myrtle Beach.

“This is my gift to my friend, as horrible as it gets,” Bruce said. “The situation there is just horrible. We are traumatized because we have never seen anything like that in our lives.

When Bruce and his friends first arrive at the hotel, he says they’ve been put in the wrong room. After alerting the hotel staff, he said they were placed under what hotel management called an “upgrade.”

“It’s mold from the ceiling to the floor from the bed, the carpet, the chair,” Bruce said. “It’s just everywhere. We just can’t believe it.”

That’s when he pulled out his phone and started taking videos of what he was seeing. She said she went straight to the manager to show her the video, but the manager was not interested.

“[The manager] told me he didn’t want to see the video,” Bruce said. “He said ‘I believe you. I don’t want to see that.'”

That’s when Bruce decided to post the video on TikTok. Bruce said he wants the public to know what the hotel is like before paying more than $300 a night like he did.

“I don’t think so [the video] exploded,” Bruce said. “I was like, ‘This is unbelievable. No one will believe me if I don’t have something to document this.’ … I don’t care what you pay. If you pay $1 or $10, no one should stay at such a standard.

It didn’t take long for the hotel corporation office to find the post. Bruce said the hotel asked him to remove the video and offered a refund, a three-day stay at the resort’s penthouse, free breakfast and tickets to the aquarium.

Bruce initially told hotel staff members that he would consider the offer. When he returned to the hotel management the next day, he said he wanted to speak to the company first. That’s when staff said offers of refunds and gifts were off the table.

“[The manager] told me that I will not get a refund [any] of the things that are going to be provided in the offer if I remove TikTok,” said Bruce. “It’s taken away and I won’t accept it.”

After TikTok gained popularity, Sea Mist Resort posted a statement on its Facebook page:

“We are aware of a viral TikTok video depicting a room with mold. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with more details. This unit is managed by Sea Mist but not owned by Sea Mist. The unit is on the maintenance block to be treated for mold, which is a problem usual in every resort in a humid climate. The unit was released in error and the guest was moved to a newly renovated unit that Aisyah then occupied for her two nights. In addition to the upgrade, this guest was offered compensation that Aisyah refused. Although we had a room around the property that was blocked because some maintenance issues, these are isolated incidents and we have hundreds of newly renovated rooms for all your vacation needs.

Sea Mist has since removed the post.

Bruce said that all he wants from TikTok is to make people aware. “The public needs to realize that these companies do not care about the health of the people they serve.”

WBTW Nexstar reached out to Sea Mist Resort for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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