The trio is accused of card bending, cheating on the Las Vegas Strip

2 took a plea deal, 1 was arrested on Monday’s warrant

LAS VEGAS (lazy) – Investigators with the Nevada Gaming Control Board said three men rolled cards while playing a table game similar to poker, defrauding at least three Las Vegas Strip casinos to win over $126,000, court documents said.

Pogos Simityan faces charges of committing fraudulent acts in the establishment of games, cheating in the establishment of games and cheating in games. Las Vegas Metro police arrested him on a warrant Monday, records show.

Two other suspects, Vahan Sudzhyan and Gevorg Avagyan, took a plea deal on charges of conspiracy to commit a crime. Both were arrested earlier.

The Paris Las Vegas casino manager contacted the Nevada Gaming Control Board on July 4, 2021, to report that Simityan, California, and two other suspects “actively bent cards during their gameplay,” investigators wrote in court documents.

“Card bending is a cheating method where players bend corners[s] of playing cards one way or another based on their value, “investigators wrote in court documents. “This allows the player to know what the value of the dealer’s hole cards[s] based on how to put in a table game.

The casino manager told investigators Simityan was playing a form of poker and “started bending all the face cards and aces to gain an advantage during their gameplay,” court documents said.

Officials also learned the same three suspects “who were bending cards the day before at Planet Hollywood,” said investigators.

The group, including Simityan, came away with more than $126,000, investigators said. Simityan had “cashed out approximately $60,000 in game chips earlier during his gameplay,” said investigators. The games involved were Mississippi Stud and Let It Ride.

Paris security officers reviewed video of the suspects playing at the table and detained them, investigators said.

Game board personnel found “all face cards and aces in both decks rolled inward or outward in unnumbered relationships. [front] playing card side,”

While conducting their investigation, officials said Simityan reported chest pains and went to the hospital.

July 5 Wynn Las Vegas contacted the gaming board, saying “they have also been victimized by the same card bending scheme as the suspect,” according to court documents. The trio allegedly “cashed out approximately $19,000 as a result of their criminal activities,” at the Wynn.

Investigators went to Simityan’s hotel room at the Wynn, finding him “abandoning his hotel room,” they said.

After his arrest on Monday, the judge ordered Simityan to stay out of all casinos pending the next hearing.

Avagyan and Sudzhyan agreed to pay restitution and could serve prison time upon sentencing, according to court records.

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