The latest Missouri job report has Kansas City businesses concerned

Kansas City, Mo, – At first glance, the latest Missouri jobs report offers an encouraging total.

The country’s unemployment rate hit an all-time low, falling to an all-time low of 2.5% for the month of July, but the number has skeptics in the business world talking.

Traders who spoke with FOX4 on Friday said the numbers don’t tell the whole story, as many qualified job applicants aren’t looking for work.

Staffing experts believe that employers do not see the quality of applicants they are looking for. Amy Tevis, who manages Kansas City-based Syndeo Staffing, says her clients aren’t interested in available job candidates, and in her experience, as many as 10% of interviewees don’t show up for their personal jobs. interview

“If you look at the overall picture, we don’t want to get discouraged because there are people out there and they’re responding, but we’re definitely trying to keep up with the times as far as the shifts that we see,” Tevis said on Friday.

Counting Tevis among those who believe remote work may skew these numbers, because some people work from home and those numbers may not show up in statewide totals.

Small business operators aren’t sure either. A store owner in Kansas City’s affluent Brookside neighborhood has a ‘Help Wanted’ sign up, but the applicants they need aren’t coming. It’s the same story with schools, restaurants and retail.

“That niche is still struggling because we can’t say – sure, do the work at home. Free gift wrapping can be done while waiting. It’s just a different situation,” said Casey Simmons, co-owner at A Store Called Stuff.

“I want to see people happy to come to an amazing, colorful and interesting place to work instead of giving me the eye that what I offer is not enough. That’s pressure. I can only do what I can do,” he said Holly Pollard, owner of Brookside Toys and Science.

For those who are looking for work, we ask for in-depth information to help in the search.

Amy Tevis said there are many jobs available in skilled labor and heavy industry fields as well as hospitality jobs. Tevis said applicants are also asking about remote work frequently, which has been a popular trend since the start of the pandemic.

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