The entertainment center, pickled in the Aspiria campus is progressing

Aspiria’s $750 million campus in Overland Park will add a new happy hour spot that corporate tenants and community members can check out after work.

Occidental Inc. management plans to add Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in a 103,430-square-foot building, which will house a total of 350-450 new employees.

In the same area, Occidental is planning a 419-apartment building with four pickleball courts between the parking lot of the Jewish Center Center to the northeast and the next building with associated parking to the southwest on the former Sprint Corp. campus.

Andretti will develop the entertainment center, and Lincoln Properties will build the apartments. Both companies bought the land from Occidental in separate agreements.

The 430,000-square-foot market-rate apartment building is designed in a backwards ‘S’ shape, wrapping Andretti around for future residents. The apartments will sit on the northern half of the 17-acre site, along Nall Avenue between 115th and 117th streets and east of the Jewish Center. The Andretti location will occupy the south half at the corner of 117th and Nall.

“Most of their revenue comes from corporate users who want team-building activities like Indy car racing, laser tag or bowling,” said Occidental President Chad Stafford.

“I think having that building there with one of the entrances to Aspiria is key because it’s good visibility of the 30-odd corporate tenants on campus and off-campus tenants, and it will also be open to the surrounding neighborhood.”

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