Taco Bell workers at the Kansas City location are on strike

Kansas City, Mo. – Workers at the Taco Bell location on Wornall Road went on strike Thursday. They posted notes saying they need a living wage, respect, safer working conditions and a union.

Fran Marion has worked in the fast food industry for over 20 years. He works at Taco Bell six days a week.

“I don’t tell people I work at Taco Bell. I work at Taco Hell,” he said.

Marion said she was fed up with disrespect from management and customers, unsafe working conditions and felt she deserved a decent wage.

“I have a family, you know, and what I do, I’m very good at what I do, you know,” Marion said. “So this is my passion. I’m not a doctor, not a lawyer, but I deserve to be paid a living wage.”

Marion and her colleagues closed for lunch for the strike.

“What I call this economic slavery – we are fighting for respect. We are fighting for a seat at the table because we are not heard,” he said.

Stand Up KC, along with other union supporters, joined Thursday’s protest.

“It’s very empowering,” said Taco Bell employee Rashaad Marion. “This shows that people are coming together as a community to show these corrupt bosses and that we’re here and we want what’s right.”

FOX4 called and emailed Taco Bell for comment on the strike and allegations of unsafe working conditions. We have not heard back at this time.

The California legislature recently passed a bill called the “Rapid Recovery Act.” If signed by the governor, it would create a council to monitor fast food wages and working conditions.

These striking workers want a similar bill passed in Missouri.

“Not only are we calling on Gov. Newsom to sign it, we want Gov. Parsons to pay attention,” said Terrence Wise, a Taco Bell employee and member of Stand Up KC.

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