Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is back on the menu

(WXIN) – After a back short-lived earlier this year, Taco Bell relaunching Mexican Pizza permanently.

The coveted item will be available to order starting Thursday, though Taco Bell Rewards Application users will be able to enjoy fan-favorites a few days earlier on Tuesday.

Some fans of the taco chain’s tribute to pizza may be reluctant to celebrate the good news since the return of Mexican Pizza in April took place a little more than a month earlier. sell out all over the country.

But if you take the word of Taco Bell’s top exec, the return is permanent (for real this time).

“It’s going to be relaunched mid-September and it’s going to be a permanent thing,” CEO Mark King said. fortune in July.

(Taco Bell)

In the dark times of Mexican Pizza-less that follow the goods for a month, Taco Bell admitted that the April relaunch will only last for six months.

Reiterating the plan to keep Mexican Pizza this time, King said he has never received more negative feedback than he has since releasing the popular menu item.

The first Mexican pizza was removed from the menu in 2020. The company said the move was to streamline operations during the pandemic since the item was one of the things that took up time for workers.

Many fans were crushed in the removal, with more than 170,000 marks a Change.org petition call to return to Mexican Pizza.

‘Mexican Pizza: The Musical’

The return of Mexican Pizza on Thursday will coincide with the long-awaited premiere of “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” starring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat.

It’s star bound off and on The Broadway production was made for Mexican Pizza fans, by Mexican Pizza fans…

Taco Bell

This music was written by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bearcreator of the “Unofficial Bridgerton Musical”.

“Mexican Pizza: The Musical” will premiere on Taco Bell’s TikTok on September 15 at 8pm (ET).

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