Shawnee bar The Social continues to fight for a live music permit

SHAWNEE, Kan. – The owner of a popular live music venue in Shawnee is once again asking the city to approve permission to continue hosting bands on weekends.

In May the Shawnee City Council approved a special use permit (SUP) for live music at The Social Bar and Grill for trial period of four months.

On Monday the Shawnee Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend the city council extend the SUP for another year.

Before The Social took over the space at 13410 W. 62nd Terrace, the previous tenant, The Roxy, received several noise complaints leading up to its 2021 closing.

Social owner Jordan Grove said the bar had limited live performances to Friday and Saturday nights with bands packing up before midnight, instead of the 2am cut-off time allowed on SUP.

In an effort to prevent the show from interrupting the neighbors, Grove tried to add soundproofing materials to the building. That material later had to be removed because it violated fire code.

“I think he’s done a lot of work trying to keep it up. We need a place like that in town,” said Commissioner Carol Norman.

During the first three months of the trial period, no noise complaints were made about the property. However, in August, city staff began to receive noise complaints from neighboring property owners to the north of Sosial.

According to city documents, on August 26 at 10:50 Shawnee Police were called to a house roughly a block away from the bar. The homeowner told officers he was trying to watch TV and could hear music from The Social over the TV volume.

“This is a business model. It’s operating in the right location, it’s zoned right, and I feel like all the right steps are being taken,” said Commissioner Kathy Peterson.

The proposed SUP extension will go to city council for final approval in October.

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