Sam’s Club drops hot dog combos to $1.38

TYLER, Texas – Sam’s Club has decided to lower its hot dog combo from $1.50 to $1.38, almost 10% lower.

“New lower prices. Same great hot dog & drink combo. And the free refills are still flowing,” Sam’s Club said on its website. “Frankly, it can’t be beat.”

Douglas McMillon, CEO and president of Walmart, Inc.He said Tuesday that the decision was intended to help “families stretch their dollars as we head into the holidays.” KETK report.

Costco offers the same combo for $1.50, a price that has remained the same since the deal was introduced in the mid-1980s.

In addition to lowering the price of the hot dog combo, McMillon said Sam’s Club eliminated inflation on many traditional Thanksgiving meals, and the whole turkey sold for under $1 a pound.

“Regardless of income level, families today are more price conscious, so it’s really important that we get a trust with value,” McMillon said.

Americans are bracing for an expensive Thanksgiving this year, with double-digit percent increases in the price of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, canned pumpkin and other staples. The US government estimates food prices will rise 9.5% to 10.5% this year; historically, they have risen only 2% annually.

Lower production and higher costs for labor, transportation and goods are part of the reason; disease, harsh weather and the war in Ukraine are also contributors.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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