Overland Park rejects Deer Creek apartment plans again

EPC Real Estate Group resurrected the rejected apartment proposal in an effort to preserve the Deer Creek Golf Course – spurred on by neighbors – but the Overland Park City Council again rejected the plan.

Neighbors submitted nearly 40 pages of signatures afterward The City Council rejected the 220-apartment complex, The owner of course GreatLife next said it will close Deer Creek and EPC pivoted to single-family houses for the site.

The EPC apartment plan, which will leave the course largely unchanged, includes tax increment financing that will be used to help with $6 million in erosion. caused by upstream flood control problems and $3 million for site work. Without the TIF money, work on the course will not happen with the single family proposal.

The Finance, Administration and Economic Development Committee voted 4-2 this week against the plan, meaning the EPC goes back to single-family construction.

EPC plans to move forward with approved plan to build Highlands of Deer Creek, 70-lot, high-end project on 45 of our course of 158 hectares in the northeast corner of 133rd Street and Metcalf Avenue. EPC plans to leave 100 acres as green space and reserve around 15 acres for future development.