Olathe, Kansas yoga studio closed without warning

Kansas City, Mo – A Johnson County, Kansas Yoga studio has closed without warning and the client is upset.

They want a refund for the pre-paid class but can’t reach the owner.

The doors at YogaSix Olathe have been permanently closed. People who paid for classes in advance want their money back. The owner said he couldn’t make it right now.

“You took our money. He has to pay it back. one way or another,” said former member Archana Dongale.

There is an empty parking lot outside YogaSix near 151st Street and Blackbob Road.

The owner said he was forced to close his sole studio due to lack of money.

“I paid almost $1,200,” said former member Ashvini Tharval.

“I paid $1,050,” said former member Sonal Chopade.

“I paid almost $620,” Dongale said.

Some of his friends said they also paid nearly $3,000 each for the now-cancelled instructor training.

They go to YogaSix in search of harmony of mind, body and soul. Now, the only thing they feel is frustration.

“Financially, it’s a lot of money,” Dongale said. “I can buy a lot of things for the kids. I can do a lot of activities with the kids with that money.

But instead, I put myself first, I paid him and now everything is gone.

In mid-August, some members got an email saying, your membership has been cancelled. Others didn’t know until the general manager posted the news on Facebook.

Since then, the woman said that every day she calls or texts the owner. They said he did not respond until Tuesday, when FOX4 called him.

“I felt you contacted him, so that’s why we all got the message too,” Dongale said.

Owner Kevin Koelsch realizes he owes this member money but says he doesn’t have it.

In a statement to FOX4 he said: “Regarding refunds to our members, I care about them and will refund their money. But at this time, I don’t know when I will be able to refund everything. But I will promise them that I will repay the money them.”

“Right now, we just don’t know if he’s ever gone,” Tharval said. “That’s a huge amount.”

“Please give us our money back. We worked hard to make money, too. “I mean you just took it from us. I feel like it’s a scam,” said Dongale, “and now you can’t just say, ‘because I’m bankrupt, I can’t pay you your money.’ It’s not a deal that’s not a very good deal. “

The women said they will continue to exercise patience, but they will not give up until the money is in hand.

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