MacKenzie Scott donates $15M to Health Forward Foundation

Millionaire MacKenzie Scott donated $15 million to the Kansas City-based Health Forward Foundation, a health care nonprofit that provides resources to eliminate health barriers for the metro area’s underserved population.

The organization will use the one-time donation to invest in affordable housing and home ownership initiatives, which are a key part of health, the nonprofit said in a release. It will also use the funds to help increase the number of people of color in the region’s health sciences workforce. Health Forward will learn how to use the money in the region.

“We will use this gift to repair and rebuild systems that build regions where everyone can participate, where people who work hard to make ends meet prosper, where people of color are free from the structural racism that creates disparate health outcomes and where the situation in rural communities does not hinder their health, “CEO Health Forward Qiana Thomason said in the release. “We appreciate the trust Ms. Scott has placed in us to deepen our impact throughout the Kansas City area.”

Health Forward was selected for the donation after a rigorous process, the release said. This organization was chosen because of its focus on racial equity and economic inclusion. Health Forward, with assets of $855.42 million, was awarded $28.64 million in grants in 2020, the most recent year available.

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