Kansas City is seeking proposals to redevelop the 12th, Broadway site

Kansas City officials have taken formal steps to bring mixed density to a pair of surface parking parcels they own near Quality Hill.

On September 9, the city issued a 60-day request for proposals targeting redevelopment proposals for properties totaling 1.19 hectares just west of the Kansas City Convention Center, southwest of 12th Street and Broadway Boulevard.

The city in February 2020 paid $5.45 million to acquire the parcel, also known as the Carpenter Lot, which has 155 surface parking spaces.

In the previous year, it eyed a new parking garage as a cost-effective means to replace parking in the deteriorating garage under Barney Allis Plaza, but that plan later fell by the wayside. city currently exploring construction of a new garage under a revitalized square and a 10-story mixed-use apartment complex.

Instead, the new RFP asks for a residential or office concept with retail on the ground floor, with a preference for greater density. The maximum recommended building height is 130 feet with a floor area ratio of 10, which equates to 516,167 square feet of building space.

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