Kansas City is holding the permit until the utility’s resurfacing work is done

Kansas City, Mo. – Natural gas company Spire will not be allowed to pull new work permits in Kansas City, Missouri, according to City Manager Brian Platt, until the utility company fixes patches from the work done earlier this summer.

It comes after the city admitted that the utility company did not follow that policy through it Road Preservation Programwhich encourages coordination in the construction schedule to get the underground work done before the new resurfacing project, and issues the type of fixes the utility company must pay if the work should not be done on the newly repaved road.

Linwood Boulevard is a nightmare, a nightmare pothole to run before the new urban resurfacing initiative, dedicating funding to each council district, allowing it to determine community priorities for streets.

“We do full resurfacing, curb to curb, the entire width of the road and several miles here,” said Kansas City City Manager Brian Platt.

A few weeks after the work was finished, Platt found some Spire workers ripping again. When they were done, they put a concrete patch in the middle of the asphalt road.

“Spire is very aware of this location and other locations around the city and still decided weeks after we relaunched this street, we barely put paint on the line on the street, just dug up everything,” Platt. said. “When you cut into it, you can see there’s cracks and there’s holes and there’s gaps and what’s happening is water and debris are getting in there.”

He said it would lead to potholes once winter and spring. He said the work also violates the city policy on how extensive the road repair should be after such work is completed.

“The best way to keep your driveway in good condition is to not cut it right after you repair it,” Platt said.

Spire told FOX4 it follows city rules but remains committed to making the situation right.

“We have been working closely with the city inspectors to identify the areas of improvement that they have identified and we intend to correct these issues to improve this process,” said Spire VP and GM of western Missouri Stephen Mills.

Until that work is completed in the next few weeks, Platt said he is holding off on new work permits that Spire will deliver.

Platt said the utility company can classify repairs as emergency work on newly repaved roads, which do not require city approval. He thinks that’s what was done on Linwood Boulevard.

Regardless, Spire and the city say they are working together to better coordinate underground work and resurfacing project to prevent the new road from being destroyed. Platt said there have been several other resurfacing projects that have been pushed back or modified to allow underground work to be completed before the new asphalt layer is installed.

Platt said the word is out to companies working at KCMO that the city will hold them to the new standards.

“Events like this where we say, ‘Look, there are consequences to this,’ make people see that we’re serious about it,” Platt said.

You can see where Spire plans to do the work here.

You can see where Kansas City, Missouri plans on resurfacing the road next here.

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