Kansas City gives historic protection to 31. major buildings

With the vote to place four Midtown buildings under historic protection, the Kansas City Council etched a new chapter in local history for itself, too.

The council voted unanimously last week to add four buildings northeast of 31st and Main streets to the Kansas City Register of Historic Places even though PriceMgmtCo’s owner wants to demolish them.

Such a move in that state has been approved only once locally, when Union Station was added to the city’s roster in 1986.

“Few things concern District 4 constituents like the potential loss of a historic building,” Councilman Eric bunchco-sponsor for the measure alongside the Councilwoman Katherine Shieldssaid before the voice.

“Is it a novel approach? Absolutely… but at this point, I can never fully withdraw (the buildings), and for that reason, this novel approach is necessary.

The newly designated Major Historic District 31 functionally blocks PriceMgmtCo. from the destruction of the lower buildings – including the historic Jeserich and Ward buildings, built in 1888 and 1905, respectively – for three years.

That’s how long the land owner has to wait before demolition, if the certificate of appropriateness is now required to do so rejected by the city’s Historic Preservation Commission.

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