Kansas City-based Guy’s Snacks is launching THC-infused chips

This is a “pinch me” moment for local entrepreneurs Andrew Miller: His efforts to launch a line of THC-infused chips are coming to fruition, starting with plain potato chips or barbecue flavors.

“When we first acquired Guy’s Snacks, it was about the time that recreational (marijuana) passed in Colorado, and I said, ‘Why would it be good to find someone to make THC-infused chips, and we can call it. ‘Guy’s Bake? ‘ … (Now) it’s going to be a reality. It’s one of those moments that pinches me,” Miller said.

But Miller didn’t stop with Guy. He’s partnered with Kansas City weed startup Franklin’s Stash House on THC-infused products for other brands, including James’ Lemonade and Una Familia Tequila.

To do this, Franklin’s Stash House spent six months developing water-soluble THC that doesn’t interfere with the taste or flavor of the product, Franklin’s founder and CEO said. Michael Wilson said.

More than a dozen people helped perfect the formulation, including an equipment automation and engineering specialist, a food science formulation specialist and an extraction formulation specialist, to name a few. Wilson said it was the hardest thing he’s ever done in his career.

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