How to edit iPhone messages and test other iOS 16 features

The queazy feeling of pressing to send a message on the iPhone with an embarrassing typo or over-zealous autocorrection will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to editable messages in Apple. update ios 16 upcoming.

Although the rollout doesn’t happen until the fall, you can play with the new features — and a few others — now, by signing up for Apple’s Beta Software Program.

You can play with the latest features before everyone else has them, and Apple developers benefit from early feedback.

Anyone with a valid Apple ID who accepts a program agreement can participate, but there are a few things you should know before signing up. Apple warns that, since the software has not yet been commercially released, it may contain errors or inaccuracies. You should back up your iPhone or other Apple device if possible before installing the software.

“Install beta software only on non-production devices that are not business critical,” Apple advises. “We strongly recommend installing on a secondary system or device, or on a secondary partition on your Mac.”

The programs and software are free, but the programs are considered confidential, so you can’t tweet out screenshots of your latest iOS 16 discoveries.

Edit the message

Once you sign up and start playing around with iOS 16 on the iPhone, there are some notable developments, but one of the biggest crowd favorites could change the way we send messages.

iOS 16 public beta lets you edit messages. After fixing that unfortunate auto-correction of messages, other people will see a small “edited” note appear in their messages.

You’ll also be able to “undo” messages, preventing friends and family from judging the junk fire of texts you’ve accidentally sent before cleaning them up.

New lock screen options

Apple is offering a new way to customize your lock screen – not a small feature considering how many times we all look at our phones during the day.

A new font style, widget display and the ability to display your favorite photos with different color filters will be available. Using widgets, you can now see the weather, calendar events, activity alerts and more without having to open your phone.

Live Activity will also allow you to display the score of a sports game or the progress of a food delivery in real-time on the lock screen.

Tap and drag using Visual Lookup

This iOS 16 advancement lets you do with one finger what might take hours of YouTube tutorials and Photoshop experiments to master.

While iOS 15 provides Visual Look Up to automatically recognize and provide additional information about pets, plants and landmarks, for example, the tap and drag function allows you to separate one of the subjects from the background of the photo.

By tapping and holding the photo, you can pick up the subject from the background and use it in a different application, such as Messages.

Now you can pay later

iOS 16 will allow you to create your own payment plan if you choose the “pay later” option, allowing you to divide the cost of one Apple Pay purchase into four payments over six weeks. The feature has no interest or fees.

When it comes to Apple Wallet, you will also be able to save your ID. For those who don’t want to advertise their birthday, KTP will provide an option to confirm whether someone is over 21 without revealing their exact age.

Another Wallet feature allows users to share keys with friends or relatives.

See more information about joining the Apple Beta Software Program or a complete list of iOS 16 people upcoming features on the Apple website.

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