How Missouri, Kansas, ranks among the states with the biggest tippers

Despite inflation, recent reports say people are tipping more at restaurants than last year.

According to software provider Toast Inc.s second quarter Restaurant Trends reporttips increased by almost 10%, and in-person diners tipped an average of 19.7%, showing a growth of 22% in the second quarter compared to the first quarter.

“People’s appetite for food remained strong in Q2 through rising inflation, economic uncertainty, and the sub-variant surge of COVID-19,” Toast said.

The report also shows that diners tip less when ordering delivery or takeout, an average of 14.5%, WJW reports.

“This trend remains the same as the Q1 2022 findings, where on-premise dining outnumbers off-premise dining,” Toast said.

The report also breaks down the states with the largest average tippers, though tip sizes don’t vary much.

Indiana topped the list for the second straight quarter based on average tip percentage, with West Virginia and Ohio following. At the bottom of that list is California, which has one of the highest minimum cash wage laws in the country for tipped workers, according to Department of Labor.

Here are the top 10 states for the most generous tippers:

  • Indiana (21%)
  • West Virginia (20.8%)
  • Ohio (20.7%)
  • Delaware (20.7%)
  • Kentucky (20.7%)
  • Wyoming (20.5%)
  • New Hampshire (20.4%)
  • Wisconsin (20.3%)
  • South Carolina (20.3%)
  • Pennsylvania (20.2%)

And if you ask which country has the least, they include:

  • California (17.5%)
  • Washington (18.3%)
  • Florida (18.5%)
  • New York (18.5%)
  • Hawaii (18.8%)
  • Texas (18.8%)
  • Nevada (18.8%)
  • Louisiana (18.9%)
  • New Jersey (18.9%)
  • Arkansas (18.9%)

Missouri and Kansas came in at 16 and 18, respectively, each tipping 19.8%.

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