HBO Max merges with Discovery+

(NEXSTAR) – HBO Max will officially join streaming service Discovery+, Warner Bros. Discovery announced Thursday. The new service is planned to launch in the US next summer.

In the middle rumors of mass layoffs and the shift away from scripted TV and movies, what parent company Warner Bros. Discovery for Max Originals like “Hacks” and “FBoy Island.” It is currently unknown what Max bids will survive the move.

President and CEO David Zaslav announced the company’s goal to operate as “one company with one mission” on Thursday WB-Meeting quarterly earnings call.

Together, both services have 92 million total users, said Zaslav.

Warner Bros. Discovery said that combining the services is expected to fix a glitchy interface (HBO Max) and limited audience reach (Discovery +), in addition to, as the company says, unifying the “male skew” of HBO Max and the “female skew” of Discovery +. Overall, the company says that the shift is the latest corrective measure in its model, which is also included shutdown of CNN + just a month after its April launch.

The news comes days after Warner Bros. announced it will be shelved and $90 million “Batgirl” movie., which is over. The film is not currently scheduled for streaming, but the company plans to use it as a tax break, according to the release The Hollywood Reporter and other shops.

“Batgirl,” which is set for Michael Keaton’s first return as Batman since 1992, was in production before the WB-Discovery Inc. merger. According to the studio, the film’s shelving came after poor audience testing. But many noted that many DC Comics movies received negative reviews and were still released. In a statement, a representative of Warner Bros. said that the decision “indicates a strategic shift related to the DC Universe and HBO Max.”

The studio also saves animation “Often!” prequel, which is almost complete. On Thursday, Zaslav said that right now it doesn’t make economic sense to release a big-budget movie straight to streaming.

In the past few days, several Max Originals have also disappeared from the service, including the Seth Rogen vehicle “An American Pickle” and the teen romcom “Moonshot.” It’s not strictly possible for HBO shows or movies to be canceled, as Warner Bros. Discovery’s statement only pertains to Max-only content.

Shows that could be obstacles include DC Comics’ “Peacemaker” and the comedy drama “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” In the meantime, the original Discovery is like Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network The show is expected to move to HBO Max next month.

Reaction to the possible dissolution of HBO Max was intense, with “HBO Max” trending on Twitter on Wednesday and Thursday.

“HBO Max is by far the best streamer with a great catalog of shows and movies – not sure what the thought process is here other than corporate greed,” tweeted the actor and writer. Emmy Potter. Entertainment writer Eric Francisco voiced the sentiment, saying: “The crumbling of HBO Max before our eyes is infuriating. Not because we have to love HBO unconditionally but because the service easily has the best library of classic shows and films and daring originals that never feel created by an algorithm.

Warner Bros. Discovery did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The company says that the new service will be launched globally after the successful US launch and pricing information will come as 2023 approaches. Warner Bros. Discovery did not say what the new service will be called.

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