Developers want to annex more land at the Sunflower plant site

DE SOTO, Kan. – The limits for redevelopment efforts at the former Sunflower Ammunition Plant of the Army in De Soto, Kansas, may soon be expanded.

On Thursday, the De Soto City Council will consider an amendment to the city’s pre-development agreement with Sunflower Redevelopment to annex additional property into city limits.

Last November, the city council approved the annexation of about 6,000 hectares inside the former ammunition factory.

In January, the council approved the plan for establish Tax Increment Financing (TIF). in part of the property and later adopted two TIF project plans related to Panasonic’s manufacturing facility will be located on part of the site.

Now developers are asking for an additional 2,800 acres south of 127th Street in a former munitions factory.

Although it is not clear what will be built on the entire site, the initial phase will include the construction of millions of square meters of light industrial development on approximately 1,000 hectares.

Under it agreement with the districtSunflower Redevelopment will transfer approximately 2,000 acres to the Johnson County Park and Recreation District (JCPRD) once the cleaning effort has been completed.

The De Soto City Council will review the proposed amendment at its next regular meeting on Thursday.

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