De Soto laid the groundwork for construction at the Sunflower factory

DE SOTO, Kan. – As the City of De Soto prepares for a major development boom, city leaders are planning ahead to help expedite the construction process.

Thursday the city council will consider a proposal from the Institute of Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) to offer building inspection services for Project Panasonic.

If approved, IBTS will provide a full-time onsite inspector to begin work later this month. A second full-time inspector from IBTS will be on site during high inspection periods when construction is ramping up. All inspection services during the 35-month project period are estimated to cost approximately $1.09 million.

IBTS will also offer plan review services for $420,000. The purpose of a plan review is to track construction projects by ensuring that the project complies with all building codes.

If approved, IBTS services will be paid by Panasonic in the form of building permit and plan review fees.


The council will also review the first request to rezone the property on the 6,000 acres of the former Sunflower Army Ammunition plant that now stands. annexed to the city last year and annexed again in early 2022.

The developer, Sunflower Redevelopment, is requesting an urban rezone of approximately 1,351 acres at the northeast corner of 95th and Lexington Avenue from rural to the light factory (M1).

In the city’s current zoning table, the M1 zoning will allow for crop production, greenhouses, mining operations and battery manufacturing. Any proposed development within the M1 district will require site plan approval from the city council before construction can begin.

TIF expansion

Earlier this month, the council changed its predevelopment agreement with Sunflower Redevelopment to annex additional 2,800 hectares in the former nature of the plant to the city limits.

Thursday the council will consider a resolution to hold a public hearing on December 1 to expand the establishment of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district on the former site of the ammunition factory to include the newly annexed property south of 127th Street.

Planning future infrastructure

In June, the city council approved four planning task orders water, sewer and road upgrades to support future development in the southern growth area of ​​the city.

Council will now consider issuing two additional task orders for engineering firm HDR.

In order of the first task HDR will create a “basis for design” report for the water treatment plant expansion project will be submitted to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). This report must be completed before any work can begin on the planned repairs.

The second task order outlines plans for HDR to supplement city staff and coordinate utilities, easements, permitting and overall project coordination and dotPanasonic and Development of Flint.

Similar to previous task orders, the latest two will be funded by the 2022 $400,000 CIP allocation for southwest growth area infrastructure. The city council will review this proposal at its next regular meeting on Thursday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m.

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