Chipotle is testing a new ‘fiery’ chicken item

by: Nexstar Media Wire, Jeremy Tanner



Chipotle is adding some spice to its menu in two markets as it tests new “fiery” menu items, the restaurant chain announced Tuesday.

Hayam al pastor will be available in 94 restaurants in Denver and Indianapolis for the trial period. While “al pastor” might make you think of the pork option popular at many taquerias, Chipotle says its chicken innovation adds “an interesting level of spice to guests’ orders.”

The meat, which will be prepared in small batches throughout the day, begins in a marinade of Chipotle’s signature adobo, seared morita peppers, ground achiote and a splash of pineapple. The chicken is then chopped into bite-sized pieces and finished with cilantro and lime juice. The “premium” option will cost an additional 65 cents.

“We created Chicken Al Pastor to fuel our fans who want spicy chicken from Chipotle,” Chris Brandt, the chain’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “The new menu items artfully pair fire and flavor in a uniquely Chipotle way.”

The al pastor is the second test of a new chicken item in less than a year, following the launch of pollo asado in March. The first new chicken dish in nearly thirty years, the successful pollo asado, CNBC reports.

Chipotle did not release sales figures for the test, but the company said it was similar to smoked brisket, one of the best-selling new menu additions in recent history, according to the trade publication Restaurant Business.

Chipotle also offers $0 delivery on al pastor chicken orders made through the Chipotle app and on the restaurant’s website from September 6 – 11.

Chipotle shares are down about 15% in the past year after rocketing to an all-time high in 2021 during the pandemic.

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