branch of J. Rieger focuses on more affordable products

Kansas City-based J. Rieger & Co. is building a new subsidiary called Kansas City Distilling Co., which is designed to expand the company’s customer base by producing high-quality spirits at a lower price point.

“We use the same heritage and dedication to craft as we do in our flagship Rieger line, but Kansas City Distilling Co. makes versatile spirits that are both delicious and approachable for any occasion,” said Rieger’s founder and President. Andy Rieger said. “This takes the brand and respect J. Rieger & Co. earned for itself and expanding its customer base.”

The new subsidiary launched its first product, Red Kingdom Vodka, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. It is available exclusively in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska for $15.99 in a 750ml bottle. That’s about $10 per bottle cheaper than J. Rieger’s Premium Wheat Vodka.

Rieger said the price point is achieved mainly through the recipe using 100% corn, which costs less than wheat. The company also saves money by using less expensive bottles than Rieger’s core product. But the spirit of using Rieger’s copper pot is still, the result is an old-school, handcrafted, clean and flavorful product.

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