Aspiria’s campus in Overland Park is adding coworking facilities

When the pandemic hit, people saw it as a “death knell” for cooperation. Instead, it became an opportunity – one Occidental Management seized with Aspiria NOW (Nextgen Office Workspaces).

“It’s a renaissance. I just see growth for coworking,” he said Robert Curlandcommunity manager for Aspiria NOW, a 50,000-square-foot coworking facility on the former Sprint campus — now Aspiria — in Overland Park.

Once it officially opens, it could house about 500 tenants, he said. Public open house and ribbon cutting scheduled for September 29.

The facility matches the trends for the workplace of the future, with more companies decentralizing their offices, rethinking long-term leases and giving employees more flexibility in where they work. Even with remote work, companies still want a place to gather occasionally, and places like Aspiria NOW have conference rooms and training centers available.

By working together, companies can cut overhead and nix long-term leases, while still accessing corporate-style facilities. That’s where Aspiria NOW shines, Curland said. Perks and local company partnerships give members a well-rounded offer and includes access to RideKC bike-share, Amazon lockers, dry cleaning dropoff and pickup, and Cerner Health Clinic on-site.

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