AMC Theaters is launching Zoom Rooms in 2023

LEAWOOD, Kan. – With hybrid works becoming more and more popular, Leawood-based AMC Cinemas is soon offering customers the opportunity to make virtual calls on the big screen.

The national theater chain has announced a new partnership with Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Users will be able to book their preferred theater and meeting times online. From there customers will be given a three-hour block to hold virtual events in various markets at selected cinemas.

AMC and Zoom will provide all the equipment necessary for companies to host Zoom calls from the comfort of multiple theaters in multiple locations simultaneously.

AMC theaters selected for Zoom Rooms will range in size between 75 and 150 seats. Customers will also have the option of purchasing food, beverages and movie screenings at an additional cost.

“One of the lessons learned during the pandemic when many of us were forced to work remotely was the importance of a reliable and dynamic communication platform. We also learned that even though we may be spread far, the ability to come together in person is as important as ever. That’s why I’m so excited about this AMC partnership with Zoom,” AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron said in a press release.

“Many of us know how important Zoom is in managing our business. Now through this partnership with Zoom and AMC, we have the best of both worlds – Zoom’s spectacular communications platform combined with the comfort, size, scale, and advanced scene and sound capabilities of AMC cinemas which is in the middle of It creates new products in major cities in the United States for corporate and meeting planning.

The company expects to launch Zoom Rooms in 17 different AMC locations across the United States by 2023.

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